From: "Jeff Smith p.p. SBE 15 EAS" <> (jeffsmith _at_
Subject: SBE15EAS NEW EAS List
Date: June 9th 2015

Good morning,


Some members have brought a very legitimate concern to my attention. The SBE 15 email list is open to any person interested in the activities of SBE 15. We share meetings, NYC broadcast happenings and EAS info on this list.


The reality is that SBE 15 has friends all over, including many government agencies. This is where the concern comes in….We do share EAS information on this list. Sometimes we share issues and even failures of broadcasters on this list. This is fantastic!!! It helps us improve the NYC EAS system, so it is need, it works!


I will not limit the membership of the general SBE 15 email list. That would go against all we stand for as an organization that promotes broadcast engineering. But I do understand the concern on members about government agencies using information from the SBE 15 list against broadcasters.


So in an effort to keep EAS and other license related dialog going, I have created a new list. This list is NOT open to government agencies. If you want to  unsubscribe from this list you can.


I ask that any and ALL EAS related posts please be sent to


Thank you,



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