Fw: Last Nights RMT

From: "Tom Ray p.p. SBE 15 EAS" <info@sbe15.com> (tomray _at_ rayfamily.us.com)
Subject: Fw: Last Nights RMT
Date: June 10th 2015

Greetings all:
Last night started at 11:20PM with a call from OEM - they were running through the steps to send the test and would abort it before sending - just to re-familiarize themselves with the menu structure on their Sage.  Their procedure has them run through the entire send process in the event they need to send a live code rather than an RMT.  When they got to the point to verify the RMT event code, the box told them it removed that from the list.  We determined that sending through their basic RMT template with no modifications or verifications would send the test fine, and off they went.  I sent an email around midnight to the LP-1 stations stating that we were pretty sure the test would be fine, but just be aware.
The test did go fine.  4 of the 5 LP-1 stations received the test directly from OEM and forwarded the test.  It appears that WABC had an issue which we are at present trying to identify and take corrective action.  The test from WABC appears to not have had an audio file attached to it.  The test, as it went from the other 4 LP-1 stations, did in fact have the audio file sent by OEM.  So any stations that forwarded the WABC test most likely did not have the audio file air.  Note that the origin was OEM and all stations receive the test directly from OEM.
Will let you know what we find.  If anyone needs to discuss this with me "off line", either call me at 845-401-3757 or email me at tomray@tomrayconsulting.com.

Tom Ray, President

Tom Ray Broadcast Consulting 

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Subject: Last Nights RMT

Good Morning.


OEM originated last night’s RMT.


Seemed to go OK with most stations.


If anyone had issues, please reply to this list and NOT the general membership list.






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