Rockland County CAP

From: "Marshall, George p.p. SBE 15 EAS" <> (GeorgeMarshall _at_
Subject: Rockland County CAP
Date: July 30th 2015

Looks like CAP is up and running in NY.



07/30/15 10:15:23

Matched filter OTHERS, Received from CAP. Log Only.
The Civil Authorities have issued a Required Weekly Test for Rockland, NY beginning at 10:15 am and ending at 11:00 am (fromcap).
CAP Reference ID: JIC.AlertingPortal.DataModel.Notifier.RocklandCo.EM@@BCGALERT,NYAlert-ALLHAZALERT-4361107Eas,2015-07-30T10:15:00-04:00
CAP Text: This is a test.



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