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Subject: NJ RMT in NYC
Date: December 19th 2017

Ah, the law of unintended consequences.  With the loss of the NYC NOAA transmitter (KOKX), we adjust our systems to start receiving the NJ transmitter signal (KPHI) – the better of the 2 signals here.  In order to get the sage to log the feed, we add a couple of NJ counties (3 to be exact).  So, last night, NJ OEM runs their usual monthly test which comes via CAP.  Which, all my Sage boxes apparently received and decided to forward (counties = “all Of New Jersey” -  Who Knew?).  Hence the NJ RMT you may have received from WOR last night.


Needless to say, changes are being made and this ain’t gonna happen again.  Mercury.  Retrograde.  Sigh.


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