NYC NOAA Radio Extended Outage

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Subject: NYC NOAA Radio Extended Outage
Date: November 16th 2017

The short story here is that they have to relocate the transmitter and don’t even have a new location yet – and when they do find one, they’ll need to test for performance and interference issues.   So, if you’re using the NYC NOAA radio on 162.550 MHz, you’ll not get be getting NOAA alerts for a long time.


Just passing it along.  See Below.


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<<<< From NWS >>>>

Hi folks --

This message notifies you of an extended outage of the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) NYC Transmitter starting the week of November 27th.

The following Public Information Statement, was just issued that describes this unscheduled outage along with alternate means of obtaining weather information that is broadcast by this transmitter.

Read this statement for additional information:


Gary Conte
NWS Meteorologist
Weather Forecast Office New York, NY




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