30-88 MHz and 1.385 GHz

From: Louis Libin <louislibin@broad-comm.com>
Subject: 30-88 MHz and 1.385 GHz
Date: January 19th 2012


I don’t think there are any issues with the below request, but ninetheless, if you have any issues, please let me know before I sign off of this system by the end of the week-

Louis Libin

Mr. Libin:
As a follow-up to our telephone call this morning, and on behalf of my client BAE Systems, this is to request SBE coordination of the Experimental Special Temporary Authority issued by the FCC to BAE Systems under Call Sign WF9XCN.
As you can see in the attached scan, Special Condition No. 1 requires SBE coordination.
Accordingly, this is to request SBE coordination of the attached grant, and also to request your identification of the frequencies on the grant which are subject to SBE coordination.
At your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide confirmation of SBE’s coordination of this experimental grant
Please let me know if you need to discuss or require any additional information.
Best regards,
Jeff Rummel
Attorney for BAE Systems

Jeffrey E. Rummel


Arent Fox LLP | Attorneys at Law

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