FW: RF Coordination at Yankee Stadium

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Subject: FW: RF Coordination at Yankee Stadium
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Date: June 25th 2014

FYI…..Anyone involved at Yankee Stadium.



We are lending a hand to the NY Yankees this weekend with RF coordination during the Yankees/Red Sox series.  I asked Louis if he could put the word out to the local broadcast community and he pointed me in your direction since he is out of the country.
Will you please help us get the word out?
I have attached here a coordination form.  It would be easiest if users could simply fill it out and e-mail back to us at spectrum@cpcomms.com<mailto:spectrum@cpcomms.com>, this is on the form as well.
Please let us know if you can assist in getting this word out.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
Michael Mason
CP Communications
Providing Solutions for Audio and Video Communications



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