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Subject: NYS Job opening
Date: October 3rd 2014

The State of NY has vacancies to fill in the Albany, NY-based NYS Media Services Center.  All applications need to go through official channels (apply through Civil Service, the links below and on the PDF), but I'd be happy to answer questions that interested, potential applicants may have.  The positions will only be posted through October 7, 2014


The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) has posted the following employment opportunities with the Media Services Center (MSC) in Albany, NY:



Transmission/Maintenance Engineer


 Multimedia Production Technician (2 openings)



All positions listed above are in the PEF bargaining unit, and have duties, hours, and requirements similar to those found within traditional broadcast television facilities (which may require nights, weekends and holidays).  All positions will be required to travel.  


To learn more or to apply for a position, please follow the link for your position of interest, which will lead to the NYS Civil Service website with further information and instruction.


The MSC is a full-service media and content creation/distribution facility, servicing the needs of the Executive Chamber and 109 State Agencies.





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