October 16th Meeting

From: "Jeff Smith p.p. sbe15" <info@sbe15.com> (jeffsmith _at_ sbe15.com)
Subject: October 16th Meeting
Date: October 6th 2014

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone had a good weekend.


Don’t forget to RSVP for the Thursday October 16th meeting with NewTek sponsored by SCMS.


Its sure to be a good one, discussing video streaming and production. This is a topic that is applicable to both Radio and TV engineers. You may also want to invite your IT friends to this one too.


All the info is on www.sbe15.com


Dinner is at 6pm Meeting at 7pm.


iHeratMedia Corp Headquarters

125 W 55th St.



Hope to see many of you there!


RSVP is required for building security.






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