SBE Life Insurance offer from New York Life with confusing information

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Subject: SBE Life Insurance offer from New York Life with confusing information
Date: November 2nd 2014

I received a Certificate of Insurance, good for six months, sent to SBE members by New York Life. Either this offer contains a careless error or it's a blatant attempt to deceive the membership!

The Certificate provides free life insurance for six months. That makes sense, it's free for six months, then we have to pay to continue. The terms are detailed as:

  • Under Age 60: Member Death Benefit-$50,000
  • Age 60-64: Member Death Benefit-$30,000
  • Age 65-69: Member Death Benefit-$17,500
  • Age 70-74: Member Death Benefit-$12,500
  • Age 75-Termination Age 80: Member Death Benefit-$7,500

The deception (or careless error) is a few lines below in the asterisk footnote to these benefits which states:

  • This benefit is only available for group members who are under age 60 and residents of the United States (except NC ,NV, OR, SD, VT, WA and territories) or Puerto Rico. If you are not currently eligible and received this offer in error, the Certificate of Insurance is invalidated and no coverage will be provided. Please accept our sincere apologies.

Even though the benefits are stated and detailed for the four age groups ABOVE 60 years old the footnote states the benefit is only available for members UNDER age 60 years old! That leaves many SBE members (including me) out of this free offer.

So does anybody know if this is an attempt at deception or just a careless error?


brew Bruce Schiller - CBS-TV NY Master Control Maintenance

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