November meeting 11/20

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Subject: November meeting 11/20
Date: November 10th 2014

Howdy Y’all….


Sorry...was listening to WLTW HD-2 while typing this.


We are all set for the November meeting, which is going to a great and very fun one. Everyone for the Telos Alliance will be here! Frank, Foti, Tim Carol, Kirk Harnack and Jim Armstrong. We are going to have a very lively discussion about broadcast Engineering today. These guys collectively have aver one million years in broadcasting. They have developed cutting edge technology that we all use today. Plus Kirk will be streaming the meeting live on his TWiRT program.


The meeting is next Thursday, 11/20 and will be at the WWOR studios in Secaucus, NJ


All the info is on the website. Directions and RSVP


Please RSVP as soon as possible!!







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