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Date: December 17th 2014

I will be at the holiday party

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On Dec 17, 2014, at 5:10 PM, George Kowal p.p. sbe15 (GeorgeK _at_ <> wrote:

Same comments from here, best wishes and Happy Holidays!

We are having our company Holiday Party at the same time and I’m certain the “big guy” will want to look over our studio upgrade progress and some lucky SOB is supposed to win a 60” video wave catcher J


Besides with the pace of things it will be December again in about 3 months, Cheers


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Subject: RE: 2015 NYC EAS Schedule


Happy holidays to all and best wishes for 2015!!!


Regrets: Not able to attend holiday party.




Steve Maguire


From: Jeff Smith p.p. sbe15 []
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To: sbe15
Subject: 2015 NYC EAS Schedule


Just posted the 2015 EAS schedule for NYC on the site


While there you may also want to RSVP for our annual Holiday Lunch sponsored by BGS.





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