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Date: February 13th 2015

I am forwarding your question to Paul Rotella the Pres & CEO of NJBA and he might check with Rich Archut the NJ EAS Chairman.


My guess is it was a scheduling mistake but maybe they can verify if we will still have another RMT next week or not.


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WWOR-TV received the NJ RMT this morning (and forwarded it):

               'Fri Feb 13 00:50:00 2015 EST' to 'Fri Feb 13 01:50:00 2015 EST' 
        Decoded : 'Fri Feb 13 00:55:28 2015 EST' 
                New Jersey(034000)    
Event Log:VERIFIED Digital Signature;

According to the New Jersey State EAS Plan, the Required Monthly Test "... will take
place on the third Tuesday of each month ... " but today is the second Friday.

Does anyone know why it was sent today?

A copy of the State Plan is at this web location:

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