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Date: March 13th 2015

Here are some more details for the 3/19 meeting.


Tim Carroll, CTO, of Telos Alliance will be presenting.


•            A discussion of audio within the new ATSC 3.0 standard and how it intends to solve longstanding complexity and performance challenges (i.e. fix loudness without tons of gear or a PhD in metadata)

•            Introduction to immersive (“3-D”) and personalized audio

•            Hopefully a demo of Dolby Atmos, an incredibly engaging immersive format for theatres and home cinemas today

•            Intro to some new advances in audio technology that affect radio and TV

•            Plenty of Q&A


Plus Tim promises to have a giveaway that will make it worth your time being there!!!!!








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Tim Carroll from Linear Acoustics will be here. Tim is going to discuss loudness for TV…loudness for radio and demo some cool new Linear Acoustics technology.


Jim Armstrong of Telos may also show his head… and rumor has it he is buying diner for us…latest is from the dirty water dog cart on 55th St,. J


The meeting is Thursday 3/19 and will be at a great new location for us. It will be at the Dolby Labs Screening Room, located at 1350 Ave of the Americas (enter on 55th St.)


Starts at 6 with diner and the meeting at 7


Please RSVP here


Make sure to bring your ticket with you to get past building security.


All the info is on


Hope to see many of you there!





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