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Subject: RE: EAS Monthly Test had noisy audio
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Date: May 7th 2015

So…..after some investigation here….listening to the recording in the Sage box at WAXQ from WCBS and the recording in the WOR Sage from WABC….. the original test from CBS was noisy…WABC rebroadcasted it and added some more noise…WOR rebroadcast that and that is how WWOR TV received a really noisy test from WOR.


If the attached audio makes it through the list, listen for yourself.








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Subject: EAS Monthly Test had noisy audio


WNYW(TV) received the monthly EAS test from WOR(AM) yesterday and forwarded it, as required. However, the audio was noisy and hard to understand.

Does anyone know the hops in the chain to WOR? Is there anything that can be done to improve the audio quality the next time?

Here is a copy of the incoming audio recorded by our DASDEC:

John Neuhaus

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