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Subject: RE: Good job openeing
Date: May 13th 2015


Please email me directly for it. 


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Hi Jeff,

I would like to email my cover letter and resume to Matt.

Do you have his email address?


Rob Taylor

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2015 06:27:14 -0600
Subject: Good job openeing

Good morning,


iHeartMedia Baltimore is looking for an engineer. Great opportunity!





iHeartMedia is seeking a Staff Engineer to assist the Chief Engineer in the duties of the engineering department at our Baltimore, MD cluster. This position will support the broadcast and IT infrastructure for our 4 radio stations. The ideal candidate must be able to work with minimal supervision, work well under pressure, and be solution-oriented. Primary responsibilities include the repair, installation and maintenance of all station equipment including transmitters, studio equipment, remote equipment, telephones, computers and computer networks. Candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in a broadcast environment. Strong verbal and written communication skills are a critical component of this role. SBE or Network Certifications are strongly preferred. Salary will be based on experience.


Responsibilities and Skills:

* Installation and maintenance of radio broadcast and IT equipment

* Offer exceptional customer service to fellow employees, listeners and advertisers
* NexGen automation experience a plus
* Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills are essential. Applicant should be comfortable troubleshooting computer systems and broadcast signal flow
* Working knowledge of LAN/WAN/VPN networking, AOIP and VOIP technologies
* Must be able to read and produce technical drawings/documentation

* Must be well-organized, detail-oriented and possess excellent oral and written communication skills
* Strong analytical and organizational skills to effectively prioritize work and resolve issues. Excellent reasoning skills in order assist in troubleshooting problems
* Ability to follow verbal instructions while involved in high-pressure situations, being pro-active and relating information in a concise manner during critical situations
* Must be able to work highly varied and flexible hours in support of our station and may be required to be on call up to two weeks per month

* Setup, supervise, and break-down occasional remote broadcasts


Valid driver's license required. We offer a great working environment and generous benefits package, including 401K!


Send cover letter and resume to:


ATTN: Matt Howell

1801 Rockville Pike, Suite 500

Rockville, MD 20852


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