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Date: September 16th 2015

I am still in Amsterdam following IBC so cannot attend.  Would someone please ask Ken to justify his position as video is rapidly moving from SDI to IP?  SDI is dying fast. 

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Greetings everyone! Hope the summer has treated all of you well….many BBQs…some family fun and maybe a drink or two 


We are back to meetings and start with a great one. Ken Tankel of Liner Acoustic will be here to talk about AOIP.


After decades of work to successfully carry audio and video over the same serial digital interface (SDI), arguably the time has come to split them apart again. Channel based audio is heading for replacement by carriage of the objects that make up the channels.  This enables flexibility and enhanced consumer experiences for broadcast and OTT services. SDI is, at heart, a video format and it cannot support the future of audio.  The future is ringing the front bell today!  AES67, Livewire+ and related standards offer a path to making all of this work – including lip sync!  AES and SMPTE are working together, and the results will enable the sub-sample accurate linking of Audio over IP (which has existed in radio for over a decade and is growing in TV) and video, all without requiring it to be glued together until the very end.


The meeting will be on Thursday September 17th. Diner will be at 6pm and the meeting will start at 7pm.


The location is iHeartMedia, 32 Ave. of the Americas. You can easily get there via the A,C,E or 1 train to Canal St.


YOU MUST RSVP at for this meeting.


Hope to see many of you there!



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