October meeting

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Subject: October meeting
Date: October 13th 2015

Good morning,


Well the weather is getting chilly, so what better way to kick off the Fall than with an AFTERNOON meeting at our favorite Heartland ChopHouse!!!


The folks from AETA Audio and T-Mobile are using HD voice to its fullest. They will be here to discuss what HD Voice is and how it can be used in both radio and TV facilities today. This  technology is not just for remote broadcasts and is robust enough to use for V/O work and other critical links.


Please join AETA Audio and T-Mobile at Heartland ChopHouse on October 15th at noon.

Heartland is located on 43rd St in Time Square, easy to get to by any mass transit available in NYC 



All the info and RSVP is on www.sbe15.com Hope to see you there!!!



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