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Subject: SBE info
Date: November 9th 2015



Just want to remind you that the info is on for the upcoming meeting with SCMS and Telos at CBS Radio.


Also, here are a few items going on with the National SBE


1.       The SBE webinar, IP Network Troubleshooting- Part 2 is Thursday, November 19 from 12 pm to 1:30 pm ET. Register on-line at the SBE website, Education page.


2.       The archived netcast of the SBE Annual Membership Meeting held October 14 in Madison, WI is available to at the SBE website, . It’s just under 60 minutes in length. Included in the meeting are comments by special guest, Acting Field Director of the FCC Enforcement Bureau, Charles Cooper. Click on the link on the website homepage.



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