Pirates & the FCC - We need to band together as a broadcast community

From: "Bertrand, Rob p.p. sbe15" <info@sbe15.com> (rbertrand _at_ cbs.com)
Subject: Pirates & the FCC - We need to band together as a broadcast community
Date: December 14th 2015

Hi All –


You may be aware of the pending “reorganization” of the FCC – the plan to shutter numerous FCC offices and assign each remaining office significantly more geographic area to oversee.


This comes at a time when there are more pirate radio stations on the air than ever before.


Sadly, very few of us are submitting complaints about pirate stations.  Encountering a pirate in NY is being shrugged off far too easily.


If any of us encounters a pirate, we need to submit a complaint online here: 




It’s very easy.  Takes about a minute to fill out the form.


If you encounter a pirate interfering with your reception of 92.3, 101.1, 101.9, or 102.7, please feel free to drop me a note directly with as much information as possible, and I’ll file the complaint.


I encourage other CE’s in this group to put forth their own information.


As frustrating as the pirate issue is, it’s about to get much worse if the issue continues to go as lightly documented as it has.


David Donovan at NYSBA has been engaged in a herculean effort in moving this issue forward in Washington, but we can’t leave it up to him alone.  It’s essential that we go on record every time that a pirate broadcaster is encountered.


Fixing this is up to us as a community of broadcasters.  Let’s make it happen!





Rob Bertrand

Market Chief Engineer

CBS Radio New York




& CBS Sports Radio Network

345 Hudson Street

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New York, NY  10014

Office ph 212.315.7130   fx 646.792.4136

24-Hour CBS Radio NY TOC  212.352.2404



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