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Date: January 6th 2016

Ok thanks Jeff

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Thanks to Tom Ray for this info....

The NY State Broadcasters Association has been informed by FEMA that they will be conducting a 22 state "regional" EAS test on February 24 at 2:20PM.  While this test is voluntary, we will be strongly suggesting that stations take the test to air.  They will be sending with the NPT event code.  They have not gotten back to me yet with the location code they will be using, ie, the code for NY State or 000000.
Sage has told me they will have an update available about a week before this test.  Obviously, we're SOL on TFT.  That being said, I have a note into Darryl Parker to find out if the units in the field will respond correctly.
I will update you as soon as I have more info.  And, your GM's will be receiving notification from NYSBA in the next few days.
Additionally, while they have not given us the date, they tell us a National Test is scheduled for "early December 2016".  Stay tuned.


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