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This list is used for Frequency Coordination BELOW 1GHz. SBE15 and all parties that post to this list assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information here. This list is provided as a free service to the NYC broadcasting community by SBE 15.

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FW: NYC Above 1GHz Frequency Coordinator

Sent January 22nd 2015

*From:* Jeff Smith [] *Sent:* Thursday, January 22, 2015 2:27 PM*To:* ''; ''; *Subject:* NYC Above 1GHz Frequency Coordinator As many of you know, the SBE has taken on the responsibility of frequency coordination around the country. This is a free volunteer service that helps broadcasters license auxiliary spectrum. With that said, In NYC we had two fantastic coordinators, sadly Leo Rosenberg passed away late last year. He served for many years as o...

FW: RF Coordination at Yankee Stadium

Sent June 25th 2014

FYI…..Anyone involved at Yankee Stadium. Jeff We are lending a hand to the NY Yankees this weekend with RF coordination during the Yankees/Red Sox series.  I asked Louis if he could put the word out to the local broadcast community and he pointed me in your direction since he is out of the country. Will you please help us get the word out? I have attached here a coordination form.  It would be easiest if users could simply fill it out and e-mail back to us at<mailto...

FW: WPAT 161 MHz app

Sent February 14th 2014

*From:* Jeff Smith [] *Sent:* Friday, February 14, 2014 1:02 PM*To:* '';*Cc:**Subject:* WPAT 161 MHz app Take a look…any objections please let Louis Libin know. Jeff  Subject: FCC LICENSE Up-Date  VHF   WPAT/WNSW  KQW-570 & KRH-522Date: 07/08/13 06:36:50 PMFrom: "david ehehalt" <>To: "Jim Glogowski" <>Re : New York /Ne...

Westminster Dog Show, MSG, Feb 13 and 14

Sent February 1st 2012

Westminster Dog Show, MSG, Feb 13 and 14 All: AVS for NBC will be using: 450/455.4250 RF Steadicam 450/455.9125 Comms Please let me know if there are any issues with those channels- Thanks- Louis Libin 516 374-6700 ...

Attention NY Users: Red Bank, NJ - CBS Event

Sent January 25th 2012

Attention NY Users: Red Bank, NJ - CBS Event CBS News, through Aerial Video Systems will be using an HD RF camera (STA) and comms for their news show Person-to-Person.  The taping in Red Bank, NJ on January 28 and 29.   They will be using:   450/455.4250 450/455.9125 Thank you- Any questions or comments- Louis Libin 516 374-6700 ...

30-88 MHz and 1.385 GHz

Sent January 19th 2012

30-88 MHz and 1.385 GHz Gents- I don’t think there are any issues with the below request, but ninetheless, if you have any issues, please let me know before I sign off of this system by the end of the week- Louis Libin Mr. Libin:   As a follow-up to our telephone call this morning, and on behalf of my client BAE Systems, this is to request SBE coordination of the Experimental Special Temporary Authority issued by the FCC to BAE Systems under Call Sign WF9XCN.   As you can see in the attached scan, Special...

The Lewis Theater (below Grade) at the Guggenheim Museum this Thursday

Sent January 18th 2012

The Lewis Theater (below Grade) at the Guggenheim Museum this Thursday Attention NYC Broadcasters- FYI only- They are running 8 channels of wireless mics in 944-952MHz at 10mW with 2 spare  frequencies. The ULS and OET(for STAs) were checked and there is   nothing within 1km and the mics are <-100dBm immediately out on the street. Attached is a copy of the frequency list.   It's a major press taking place on Thursday and ENG is expected, though no RF mics or IFBs will be permitted on museum p...

Chinese New Year -Frequency Use Below 1 GHz

Sent January 18th 2012

Chinese New Year -Frequency Use Below 1 GHz Attention NYC Users: Chinese New Year Parade 1/23, 24 - Total RF for RF PL Systems 450/455.7250, 450/455.2750, 450/455.4375,  IFB-. 450.0375, 450.0750, 450.1625 END Louis Libin 516 374-6700 ...

Coordination Update

Sent January 18th 2012

FYI-The following channels have been coordinated: Chinese New Year Parade 1/23 (set) 1/24 - AirTotal RF Requestor RF PL Systems 1. 450/455.7250, 2. 450/455.2750, 3. 450/455.4375,  IFB- 4. 450.0375,5. 450.0750,6. 450.1625 Thank you- Louis Libin  ...

Coordination Update

Sent January 13th 2012

FYI-The following channels have been coordinated: Chinese New Year Parade 1/23 (set) 1/24 - AirTotal RF Requestor RF PL Systems 1. 450/455.7250, 2. 450/455.2750, 3. 450/455.4375,  IFB- 4. 450.0375,5. 450.0750,6. 450.1625 Thank you- Louis Libin ...

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